Pure Desk: The Best Desk for Workers with A High-Efficiency Quality

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If you are a worker with a need for a high-efficiency working time, you just need to have Pure Desk. This desk is designed by Mario Tsai in 2017. The idea is about creating a convenient desk with four types of functional storage. With those kinds of storage, Pure Desk surely will be flexible to adjust based on your need for working.


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Pure Desk offers four different types of storage: patch panel, drawer, bookcase, and storage bag. With the bookcase storage, surely this desk will be perfect for you who love to read books. The storage bag also will be perfect for all students.



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The design idea of Pure Desk is not only about a lot of storage if you compare it with other ordinary desks. This desk design is also about ensuring the creative area that you have in a desk looks tidier and also orderly well.



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Pure Desk also unique shaped legs. The legs are designed to give the best strength to the desk structure. This kind of design also creates an expressive shape with its sloping front legs and vertical hind legs, make it different from a usual desk.



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The whole design of Pure Desk is made by considering to the fit of your floor. The four legs have universal adjusting table mats, perfect mats to protect your home or office floor. You can also adjust this table easily for your best desktop angle.



Pure Desk 11

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The detachable metal book storage is also flexible. It can give you additional storage that will not disturb your working surface area. This storage is located on the right side of Pure Desk, the best position for your easiness in catching daily books.

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