Desktop Supercharger: A Scale Model of Supercharger from Tesla

Desktop Supercharger 1

This product is a scale model of Tesla Supercharger for your smartphone. It is officially designed by Tesla to help you charge your smartphone in a better way. All details of the Tesla Desktop Supercharger is designed by the Tesla Design Team in California.


Desktop Supercharger 7

Desktop Supercharger 6

The design of this desktop scale model has the same manufactured with the actual one. It has a clear detail in every surface and curve. The process design of this product uses the same 3D CAD data that used to make the actual Supercharger.



Desktop Supercharger 5

Desktop Supercharger 4

You can use Tesla Desktop Supercharge to charge your smartphone in a new way. It will hold your USB cables, so it will look tidier. You just need to put the cable back on its curve place after you finish your charging time.



Desktop Supercharger 2

The simple design of the Tesla Desktop Supercharger comes together with the same simple design on its box. Once you order it, you will get a black matte box with the name of the product in it and Tesla logo. It looks cool and also stylish at the same time.



Desktop Supercharger 1

Using Tesla Desktop Supercharger, you will have an easy and simple way to charge your smartphone. You don’t need to find your USB charger anymore when you often forget where you put it. This product is also perfect to decor your desk as an accessory.

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