FlexPack: The Most Functional Anti-Theft Duffle and Backpack Ever

FlexPack 11

Working and even traveling will be more fun when you have FlexPack with you. It is the most functional anti-theft duffle and backpack ever with some combination designs. FlexPack has the best design of storage and also security that will make you feel comfortable and convenient whenever and wherever you are. FlexPack comes in two available types, FlexPack Go and FlexPack Pro.


FlexPack 11

FlexPack 12

Both FlexPack Pro and FlexPack Go have the same best features for you. They offer an awesome lock design for security, big volume, comfortable structure, more storage, input-output charging, and also convenient handle.


FlexPack Go

FlexPack 13

FlexPack Go has a collapsible structure with triple anti-theft security features, retractable steel wire lock, easy-charging technology, and also engineered storage system.

FlexPack 15

This product also offers a flat expansion with a single channel zipper, creating a flexible storage for you. The FlexPack Air can be used to carry your FlexPack Go, a good product for all kinds of occasion.

FlexPack 1

You can use it to carry your 9.7 inches iPad and 15 inches laptop. With the scientifically engineered storage, FlexPack Go allows you to bring another stuff as you need.

FlexPack 6

The security of FlexPack Go is the best. The anti-theft systems will give you a relaxing time. The systems consist of triple anti-theft protection and also retractable steel wire coil with more than 50 Kg for the maximum bearing strength.

FlexPack 9

This backpack is a mobile energy power source. You can charge your devices by putting your power bank in its storage. It has micro USB input that allows you to charge your devices without removing the power bank out from the bag. The detachable shoulder strap design is also comfortable for your shoulder.


FlexPack Pro

FlexPack 16

FlexPack Pro has the same features as FlexPack Go. The difference is located on its water repellent. It becomes the best backpack with a maximal storage space that you can use to pack all of the electronics that you have.

FlexPack 8

This product offers an insulation pouch that you can use to put a drink. The anti-bacterial storage can keep your food and drink well. The hot and cold insulation is also perfect to keep the food and drink warm and fresh.

FlexPack 14

With two directional zippers, it is very easy to access your items wherever you are. Those zippers are located on the bag’s left and right side.

FlexPack 10

You can charge your electronics with the provided outlet on FlexPack Pro. You can even charge your phones while mobile with your bike.

FlexPack 7

The rain cover will protect your FlexPack Pro and your stuff inside it from any wet.

FlexPack 3

FlexPack Pro has the same security as FlexPack Go. The triple anti-theft protection and the retractable steel wire coil will give you a peace of mind without worrying about a thief.

FlexPack 2

One of the best things that you can have from FlexPack Pro is the water resistant feature. This product is made from the best water-resistant fabric that can keep your away stuff from wet.

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