Beam: The Best and Smart TV Soundbar Ever

Beam 7

If you need the best soundbar to make your time in watching TV feels great, you should have Beam. Beam is a smart TV soundbar from SONOS. You can play music, movies, and TV with a great sound. This soundbar also can clear the dialogue from the speech enhancement, easily to be paired with your remote and TV, designed with Amazon Alexa voice control and compatible with an iOS device.


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Beam comes with versatile and compact design, it will not take your room space to much. This TV soundbar also can be used as a wall mount for your TV. If you think you need more speakers, then you can add speakers together with Beam.

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This TV soundbar has a premium sound with a full-range. With the best sound technology, you can enjoy late night show on TV with an awesome night sound. Using HDMI ARC to pair it with your remote to get a perfect TV control.



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With Beam, you can play everything that you want to watch on TV. You will also able to listen to the music, radio, audiobooks, play games with your family, and also watching your favorite movies with an awesome sound effect.



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When you use Beam, you can have some options to be chosen. You can control it with AirPlay, Sonos App, your voice, or even an app on the music service that you like. It is very easy to use Beam by choosing one of those options.



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You can fill your home with the best sound ever wirelessly. Beam can be connected wirelessly to a Sub or some rear speakers. It will make sure that you have a cool home theatre system which is easy to be adjusted.



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You just need to plug Beam into the power and using HDMI cable to connect it with your TV. It is very simple to set it up. When your TV is not supported by the HDMI ARC, try to use Optical Audio Adapter that included.


Speaker Set

Beam 1

Beam 6

Beam also offers you speaker sets that you can choose according to your need. 3.1 Home Theatre Set will be perfect for the deep bass sound of music and TV. And 3 Room Set is a set option for you who want to listen to sound and voice in two additional rooms.

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