Toyota i-Road: The Ultra-compact Transportation of the Future

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Along with the development of the times, private vehicles have now grown to meet the needs of human beings. Not only in terms of design but also the technology embedded in it that increasingly sophisticated.

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One of them is the Toyota i-Road which was first introduced in 2012 but debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2014. Vehicles with the concept of PMV (Personal Mobility Vehicle) has a small dimension. With the ability to load one person into the cabin.

Toyota i-Road is a special exhibit that is deliberately shown as an intermediary tool to convey information on environmentally friendly technology to automotive lovers.


Compact Ride

Toyota I Road 1

Toyota i-Road has dimensions of the car that is not too big and can be considered quite compact. But it only has one seat, which is for the driver only because this car is only able to accommodate one person only.

The engine uses electric power, which can be used up to a distance of 50 km while utilizing the use of eco mode.

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Having a car body that is 870 mm wide, i-Road can easily get a parking lot. Using i-Road, you also do not have to worry about rain and no need to use a helmet while driving.


The Green and Fun

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Toyota i-Road is made with the concept of urban mobility. Where the three-wheel drive offers a combination of excess advantages owned cars and motorcycles. Driving the i-Road car is likened to like skiing ice. The more you use it, i-Road will feel more fun.

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Then, the Toyota i-Road is not equipped with a cooling and heating cabin system, it only has a manually operated glass door beside. Although there is no transmission lever, this car is equipped with the gear for D, R, and P. While the USB connector can be used for the android charger.


How to Drive

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It’s also easy to operate the i-Road, just like a four-wheeled vehicle in general. There are gas and brake pedals, it also have two wheels in front, and one behind. Well, the rear wheel is handling the task of giving directions for the i-Road.

For the size of a small vehicle, acceleration is quite responsive. While turning, quite sharp and stable. i-Road will tilt the body when doing the turning maneuvers. This vehicle is still in development mode and Toyota hopes that one day it becomes one of the flagship transportation vehicles.

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