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As the world gets busier, the city dwellers, commuters, travelers are also buzzing more and more. The world needs a better way to experience cities, a better way to get around, whenever we want, without limits.

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Electric longboards are developing as well known as ever with regards to short-go driving. And keeping in mind that they are entirely enormous, they’re sufficiently simple to convey by hand or tie-able onto your bag for those circumstances you’re not riding on them.


Sleek Ride

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The Linky electric longboard thinks they should be even more compact during those times. Linky is a Foldable Electric Longboard that gives you freedom in your bag.

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This patented framework is solid, simple to utilize, and above all it’s entertaining! Get where you need to go in style, on time and when you are done, overlay up Linky and conceal it into your bag.

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Dissimilar to ordinary longboards, the Linky doesn’t have a ceaseless deck. Rather, it joins an extensive foot cushion out front and a marginally littler one in the back, with the two pieces roosted on a collapsing outline.


Commute Anywhere with Style

Fueled by a brushless engine, it can hit paces of up to 18 mph. The motor is protected by a cover to ensure safety. It’s optimized to be the best compromise between portability, weight, and speed.

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The battery passes all current IATA controls, so it can be transported on business aircraft, all while charging from zero to full in only 30 minutes, so you can get back out and about in a matter of moments.


4 distinctive riding modes made Linky suitable for an adrenaline-filled ride to a smooth cruising. A Bluetooth 4.0 remote controller enables you to bit by bit increment your speed, to break, to set riding mode, turn on and off the drove light and check the battery.

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Other feature such as incorporate a front LED fog light for night riding, a handheld remote for increasing speed and braking, and a USB port on the battery, so you can utilize it as a power bank. It gauges 15.7 x 11 x 4 inches when folded, so it ought to be sufficiently fit in mid-to huge bag.

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Designed in Italy for a unique dynamic performance, and with a high-performance frame is the reason why Linky is super unique. You can pre-order the product from their website here, but before that don’t forget to prepare $1,099.

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