Toyota Project BLAID: Wearable Technology to Help The Blind and Visually Impaired

Toyota Project Blaid 1

Toyota is working on making a wearable device that could enable visually impaired individuals to be better at exploring the world. Dubbed as Project Blaid,  the shoulder-worn gadget is will enter beta testing soon and could give the outwardly debilitated more freedom.

Toyota Project Blaid 1

BLAID is a wearable gadget that helps the visually impaired and vision-debilitated to explore in indoor spaces. ICI worked in association with the Toyota Research Institute on the underlying type of item.

The venture mirrors the company’s responsibility to advance lives by propelling the opportunity of versatility for all.

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Toyota has focused on going up against societal issues, including discovering approaches to assist “community with constrained mobility to accomplish more.” Project Blaid falls into the class of corporate social duty or CSR.


Crafted with Care

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The gadget will help fill the holes left by sticks, helping dog and GPS gadgets by giving clients more data about their environment.

Worn around their shoulders, it will enable clients to better explore indoor spaces, for example, places of business and shopping centers, by helping them distinguish typical spaces such restrooms, lifts, stairs, and entryways.

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Blaid is worn around the shoulders. The gadget will be outfitted with cameras that recognize the client’s environment and convey data to him or her through speakers and vibration engines.

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Clients, thusly, will have the capacity to connect with the gadget through voice recognition and button. Toyota intends to, in the end, coordinate mapping, adding recognizable proof and facial recognition technology.


Here to Help

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As a major aspect of Project BLAID, Toyota is propelling an employee engagement contest that welcomes colleagues all inclusive to submit recordings of basic indoor points of interest. These recordings will along these lines be utilized by Project BLAID designers to “instruct” the gadget to get the better perceive of these POI.

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