EcoBarrow: An Agricultural Industry Vehicle Design for Cleaner and Safer Use

EcoBarrow 8

This electric vehicle design is designed by Hakan Gürsu from Designnobis Studio. The idea is about designing a machine with a lot of functions for safer and cleaner use. EcoBarrow can eliminate a human operator need with its powerful design. It will be the best agricultural industry vehicle in some applications for hauling some bulk items.


EcoBarrow 8

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It doesn’s look like a stereotypical robot, but it has a lot of functions for you. EcoBarrow can be used for some needs. This electric vehicle can provide cleaner, safer, powerful way to help you hauling bricks or bales faster and easier.



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EcoBarrow 9

The versatile track system in EcoBarrow can provide maneuverability and stability, especially when you carry heavy loads. The whole electric design also can save the huge companies that previously used and spent on gas for their activities.



EcoBarrow 1

EcoBarrow 3

EcoBarrow also can be programmed with the same function, controlled remotely or autonomously. This awesome design vehicle can also accomplish various hauling tasks every time and everywhere. You can use it from the farm to another area, for example, a construction site or an apple garden.



EcoBarrow 2

EcoBarrow 4

The design size is standard, not too big or too small. EcoBarrow fits well with your pickup. With the best wheel design, you can use this awesome vehicle even in a tough area. You don’t need to worry about difficulties in your working with heavy loads.



EcoBarrow 5

The wheel of EcoBarrow is a tank wheel. With this kind of wheel, EcoBarrow can move easily from one place to another place without any obstacles. It makes this vehicle has the best flexibility to be used easily at the tough ground.

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