Panga™ Backpack: An Ergonomic Design of Backpack for Comfortable Use

Panga™ Backpack 4

YETI offers a great backpack with its ergonomic design for your comfortable use called Panga™ Backpack. It is a combination of the Panga Duffel durability wit a true backpack design. The ergonomic shoulder straps are made from DryHaul™ Shoulder Straps and the removable straps for your chest will add more security and stability. Panga™ Backpack is also a 100% waterproof gear to keep your stuff safe.


Panga™ Backpack 10

Panga™ Backpack 9

Panga™ Backpack comes in a compact dimension for your comfort. The height is about 20 inches with 12.5 inches for the length and 7 inches for the width. If this backpack is empty, the total weight is about 3.9 lbs. It is a lightweight backpack for your easy journey.



Panga™ Backpack 8

Panga™ Backpack 4

Panga™ Backpack is just like the Panga predecessors, it overrules all downpours and dunks too. ThickSkin™ shell is used to engineer the exterior design in the same abrasion resistant and high density. The HydroLok™ Zipper will prevent it from heaviest rainfalls wherever you are.



Panga™ Backpack 11

Panga™ Backpack 12

Panga™ Backpack 3

The HydroLok™ Zipper makes sure that Panga™ Backpack stays in a dry condition, so your stuff will not get wet at all. The U-Dock™ at the terminal end of the sipper will also ensure an airtight seal completely. This backpack has Thickskin™ Shell which is made from high-density nylon.


Additional Features

Panga™ Backpack 7

The Metallock™ Hardware is simple as rocks and also tough as nails in this backpack. With the Stowaway Mesh Pocket, you can easily access your stuff safe, tucked away, also dry.

Panga™ Backpack 6

Panga™ Backpack also has Quickgrab™ Lash Points which is designed for your get up and ho moment. One of the best thing from this backpack is the interior sleeve. It has an extra organization for your need of a backpack.

Panga™ Backpack 5

The DryHaul Straps on this backpack is comfortable and also durable. It is also completed with the custom set hardware. The waist belt and the chest straps are removable, so you add more security and stability to your trek.



Panga™ Backpack 2

Panga™ Backpack 1

The whole design of Panga™ Backpack will not only make your stuff inside it safe but also make your fashion looks stylish. This backpack looks simple in a combination of black and grey color but it becomes a perfect backpack to be used in any occasion.

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