HoverGlide: The First Floating Backpack in The World, It’s Physics Not Magic!

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When traveling to a place, it’s important to bring a number of important items on the way. The farther the distance, the more you usually carry. Unfortunately, this consequence will torment the backbone which must support the body as well as having additional burdens that sometimes exceed reasonable limits.

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Instead of reducing the amount of burden, a startup called Lightning Packs develops a Hoverglide backpack that significantly reduces the pressure on the back. Hmm, interesting, but how does it work?


Suspended Load Technology

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According to the company that develop HoverGlide, they started all of this based on a patented Suspended Load Technology (SLT). Simply put, there is a kind of electric motor that is tasked with raising or lowering the bag dynamically. Please note that between the bag and the rope there is a separator that allows one to go up or down.

If you go down the stairs, for example, the bag will naturally experience a falling force that hurts the shoulder more. But thanks to SLT, the bag is automatically raised at that moment. Thus, you can barely feel any additional burden, especially while walking or passing steep terrain.

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According to a study released by the science journal Nature, the SLT system on Hoverglide is able to reduce pressure by 82 percent when walking and 86 percent while running. You can also add an extra 5.4 kilograms of load without having to torture your shoulders and back.


Military-Grade Backpack

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For those of you who like to travel to places that are rarely touched by humans, having a bag that is strong and durable is a necessity that cannot be compromised. Hoverglide uses a lightweight yet very strong Codura 1000 material and has been tested by the US Army and US Marines military forces.

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Besides that, the bag does not absorb sweat so it does not cause odor when utilized for a long time. Water repellent material is more than enough to protect luggage through a humid environment to rain. The Kickstarter project has been available since September and you can support them by backing for US$ 399 for the Early Bird option.

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