Devialet Phantom Reactor: Seriously Sophisticated, Hugely Addictive

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The majority of consumers may not know, but the real audiophiles will admit that Devialet Phantom is one of the most powerful wireless speakers on the market, with an overall dimension that is still in the concise category.

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Nevertheless, Phantom is not the most portable speaker to carry, especially with a weight that reaches almost 12 kilograms. Besides that, the official price of $ 3,000 that was slapped on this audio is far from being affordable for non-premium class consumers.

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For this reason, the French manufacturer has prepared an alternative called the Devialet Phantom Reactor. The design is exactly the same as the original Phantom line, it is still the result of the concoction of an alien species hand, but its size shrinks dramatically to around half.


Dimensions & Specs

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The Phantom Reactor has dimensions of 219 x 157 x 168 mm, weighing 4.3 kg and a total volume of 3 liters. The combination of tweeters and medium drivers on the original Phantom has been replaced by a full-range driver made of aluminum.

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To reproduce the sound in low frequency aka the bass, Phantom Reactor relies on a pair of bass drivers, which also built from aluminum. All of them are able to provide a frequency response between 18 – 21,000 Hz.

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Continuing the original Phantom tradition, Phantom Reactor was not shy about output thanks to a combination of analog (Class A) and digital amplification (Class D). It comes in two variants; one with 600 watts of power and a maximum volume of 95 dB, another with 900 watts and 98 dB.


Precise Engineering

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All of the precise sounds come from speakers that can be placed on one large palm if you want. Regarding connectivity, the Phantom Reactor features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, analog and optical inputs, and support for Spotify Connect, AirPlay, and UPnP.

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The problem of portability has been resolved, what about the price? Phantom Reactor is priced at $ 1,000 for the 600-watt variant and $ 1,300 for the 900-watt variant. It’s still quite expensive, but at least, it is far more economical than the original Phantom.

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