Fire Knight: A Special Design for An Open Sore of Water Shortage

Fire Knight 7

This awesome 2006 transportation design is made as a treatment method. Fire Knight can be used for an open sore of water shortage in our planet, Earth. This kind of concept makes Fire Knight achieved some awards in Green Dot Awards 2008, International Design Awards 2009, and A’ Design Awards 2010. Here are the details of the vehicle.


Fire Knight 1

Fire Knight 2

The sand particles of this vehicle are mixed with the carbon layer. It also precipitates the peat soil layer formation that brings the long-lasting advantages, especially for the vegetation enrichment and sustainability in using it.


Fire Fighting

Fire Knight 3

Fire Knight 4

Fire Knight also can be called as a friendly forest fire fighting vehicle for the environment. It can work without water whenever you use it. The fire partition will let the soil contact air. It can make the fire cool down faster and easier.



Fire Knight 5

Fire Knight 6

This transportation design also can be used for protecting and caring efficiently. Fire Knight will also able to enhance the vegetation in the environment, even when there is not fire at all. It is kind of multifunctional transportation design ever.



Fire Knight 7

Fire Knight 8

From the sketch image above, it is shown that the design of Fire Knight is quite simple. It looks like a military transportation for the soldier with a lot of functions on it. It can be used not only as a firefighting vehicle but also a strong transportation in any situation.

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