Ronin-S: A New Way to Shoot Smoothly on the Move

Ronin S 14

Ronin-S will give you a freedom to shot on any move. This coll product will help you a lot to shoot every cool moment that you want to keep. It is designed for you who want to have a smooth move and the best compatibility for your all DSLR. Ronin-S comes with an innovative design means you still can look stylish even when you shoot every best moment.

What’s in the Box

Ronin S 7

Ronin S 8

Once you have Ronin-S in your hand, you will also some best things to be used with this product. You will get built-in battery Bg37 grip, camera mounting plate, focus wheel, multi-camera control cable, camera riser, USB-C cable, extended grip or tripod, and even accessories box.



Ronin S 14

Ronin-S is designed with a single-handed for your mirrorless and DSLR camera. It will support the users to have the best shot in a free move. The maximum operating speed is about 75 kph with 3.6 kg of tested payload capacity and 12 hours of maximum battery life.



Ronin S 13

It is very easy to use Ronin-S because of its smooth style. You can setup it with the Auto-Tune for more optimal control of torque. With the high torque motors, this product is stable enough for your shot. It can be used to the moving platforms up to 75 kph in speed.



Ronin S 2

The best thing about Ronin-S is its best compatibility for all DSLR types. You can use with any mirrorless camera and DSLR on the market these days. The compatibility is also supported by the direct camera control.



Ronin S 3

The focus design is also one of the best features in Ronin-S. It has Focus Wheel, an easy part to control your focus shot. When you connect it with your camera, you can have a full focus with the included cable. You can also add an external motor to bring a good compatibility with all lens.



Ronin S 9

The design of Ronin-S is so innovative. The framework can make the camera’s built-in display always in our sight line. The angled roll motor can provide you an unobstructed view and allow you to have more spaces for balancing the bulkier setups on it.

Ronin S 5

Ronin-S also has a smooth track technology. It allows you to change from motion to the camera angle only with one hand. You can switch the three user profiles on it by clicking the M button. You can also capture fast-moving objects if you hold it down in Sports Mode.

Ronin S 1

Ronin-S provides an ergonomic design of the frees unwanted shake. You will have a smooth take only in one take. Its detachable design also offers some usage scenarios. This feature can make the use of this product feel more convenient.



Ronin S 11

Ronin-S is designed with automated features with the DJI Ronin application. It allows you to make creative and professional footages everywhere. You can shot any beautiful panorama with an awesome detail result.

Ronin S 6

The Motionlapse feature is also perfect to set a gimbal path to the move in a timelapse. It will add a good and dynamic shot. You don’t need any additional equipment for this feature.

Ronin S 10

The Timelapse feature can help you to record the time passage just with some taps. You can turn hours into seconds surely with a dramatic shot result.

Ronin S 4

The track feature can be used to set the repeatable path. It will set the gimbal to move while you are recording video. Ronin-S lets you have a detailed scene just like your wishes.



Ronin S 12

With Ronin-S, you can have some multiple accessory mounts to provide yourself a full support like LED lights, external monitor, and also a microphone. This product compatibility is completed with DJI control, offering a control in a wide range.

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