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Living in the digital age makes many people interested in photography. Not only as a hobby but also part of the job. Besides the camera, there are several other tools that you need to have if you want to seriously jump into the world of photography.

One of them is a tripod, which is used by photographers to keep the camera stable in an upright position. Tripod can also help take pictures more relaxed and reduce noise due to fatigue.

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But all this is not without obstacles, sometimes tripods also come with their own problems where some middle to lower level brands sometimes does not provide the same results compared to the best echelon products.

This is then become the initiation behind the Inuk assembly which is a revolutionary product in the world of photography and is expected to replace the function of a tripod.

Mobility becomes the concern of this product so the designer crafted Inuk to fits in your pockets with flexibility, convenience and strength of carbon fiber. With its patent-pending inventive video-photograph support, the level legs and arms configuration will eventually substitute conventional tripod cylindrical legs to achieve the best result.

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Inuk can bolster an assortment of camera types just as cell phones. Furthermore, there’s space for accessories like flashes and mics. When folded, the Inuk is pocket-sized and it comes with a wide range of connectors and feet so it can be used on various surfaces as well as with a range of cameras.

With a maximum payload of 1,5 kg, Inuk is created to be the all-round accessories that will help the photographer to get the best shot in any condition. According to the press release, Future accessories and add-ons which will complement Inuk are already in development. As for the price, Inuk’s Kickstarter campaign will be launched early next month and will be offered in several configuration and kits available for up to 50% off retail sales prices for the supporters.

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  • Product Weight: 160g
  • Maximum Load: 1.50kg
  • Maximum Height: 12cm
  • Footprint: 30cm
  • Maximum Width (open arms): 42cm
  • Dimensions when closed: 17 x 9 x 2.5 cm



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