Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker: a throwback to the past with modern technology

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Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker is a small speaker device designed to resemble a classic TV. Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker is actually an alarm clock. Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker uses a classic touch to be able to beautify the user’s home.

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Although carrying a classic design, Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker is equipped with the latest innovation in sound technology, one of which is Bluetooth 5.0. This cute little speaker can be connected with a smartphone to listen to music.

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You will also never wake up late because this device can be set to 2 different alarms with a ringing time of up to 10 minutes. Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker is available in 4 different colors, namely blue, red, gray and brown.

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Aside from showing the time, it additionally has two adaptable alerts and clockwork. The clock capacity can be helpful for measuring short exercises or cooking. Overall, according to the Amazon review, the Bluetooth usefulness is great and sound execution is shockingly vigorous for a speaker of its size. Talking about size, it is modest enough to fit into the palm of your hands.

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It is sufficiently noisy to top off a little room without much twisting. It won’t beat pricey Bluetooth speakers, however, for what is basically a knick-knack, Lofree is making their best. With a solitary charge, it can last as long as 5 hours of ceaseless recess. This speaker is priced at prices starting at $ 83.


Lofree QTV Wireless Speaker

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