The Cube: Powerful Wireless Loudspeaker

The Cube 8

The Cube is a universal powerful wireless loudspeaker with a coffee table compact shape from La Boite Concept. It takes 2 years for the CC LAB to research this wireless loudspeaker in La Boite research laboratory. The shape of the Cube doesn’t reduce the powerful sound that it makes. You can also connect it wirelessly to your TV, tablets, computers, and smartphones. The compact design is so elegant that can be used to decor your home interior too.



The Cube 1

The design of Cube is kind of unique idea. The coffee table shape makes this wireless speaker looks interesting and elegant. The French designer, Samuel Accoceberry, is helped with Yvon Maurel for the technical design to make the Cube. Accoceberry has worked for some famous brand like Alki, Carrefour, and Dorelan.


Wireless Connection

The Cube 2

You don’t have to use any cable use the Cube. It is a wireless loudspeaker with the high quality of sound. Just use anything that you have to hear your favorite music wirelessly, like smartphones, turntables, computers, or even your TV at home.


Technical Description

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The audio jack of the Cube is located in the below part of the coffee table shape. It can be used with an audio cable in case you need to plug in it besides using the Bluetooth. The audio jack is also completed with the instruction and the brand logo of the La Boite Concept.

The Cube 4

There is a woofer in the center of the facade which is completed by the double glass for the best and high-performance bass. The two loudspeakers at the back side have some internal reflectors to make a stable sound when you start to play some sounds.

The Cube 5

With the easy and simple instruction for each operation, you will not have any difficulties to play this wireless loudspeaker. You can easily set the volume, the bass, and the treble of the sound for a better hearing right on this loudspeaker.



The Cube 6

The two full-range loudspeakers on the Cube are located at the back side. Those speakers are designed with each internal reflectors. The reflectors will give you a good and stable sound. La Boite offers a concept to give you a total immersion, especially when you are in a room with a big sound reflexion.


Connect Any Sources

The Cube 7

The best thing about the Cube is its ability to be connected to any sources. The coffee table design also allows you to put your laptop or smartphones on the loudspeaker itself, so you can easily connect them without thinking where you gonna put them in your room.


Compact and Powerful

The Cube 8

The Cube has a compact design but the powerful sound surely can beat other big speakers. You will not only have a  cool wireless loudspeaker with an elegant design but also another useful thing in the house to complete your room interior design.

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