CISNO Portable Electric Espresso Machine: Simplify your coffee life

Cisno Portable Electric Espresso Machine 7

For coffee fans that would prefer not to complain about espresso pounds and need their espresso machine to simply work, the CISNO Portable Espresso Machine is the ultimate answer.

Cisno Portable Electric Espresso Machine 3

As the name implies CISNO Portable Electric Espresso Machine, is an espresso coffee maker with a small shape, making it easy to carry it everywhere. This modernized machine can hold up to 50ml of water, suitable for one portion of espresso coffee. The bottle is equipped with a battery, so it does not need to be connected to a power source when used.

Cisno Portable Electric Espresso Machine 2

The mobile coffeemaker can heat water to 90 degrees Celsius and what’s astonishing is that you do not need a glass, because at the bottom of this tool there is a container to hold coffee. So that when the coffee is finished, it can be removed from the appliance and can immediately be sip using the default container.

Cisno Portable Electric Espresso Machine 1

The CISNO espresso machine is produced using ABS plastic and nourishment grade plastic. The material and assembly quality is tough, very much designed, and pleasantly built.

It creates 15 bars of weight and delivers 1.35oz of coffee per Nespresso container. It is unquestionably intended to be versatile, ready to be utilized by removable lithium particle battery, AC control connector, or 12-volt vehicle charger.

Cisno Portable Electric Espresso Machine 7

One button is available to activate and deactivate this machine. There is also an indicator light that provides information about the remaining battery. This unique device can be purchased for $ 155.

  • Body material: ABS
  • Cup material: Food Grade Plastic
  • Water heating temperature: 194℉/90℃
  • Pouring temperature: 158℉/70℃
  • Optimum pump pressure: 15 bars
  • During infusion pump pressure:12-8 bars
  • Water reservoir capacity: 50ml
  • Espresso shot:1.35oz
  • Lithium battery: 28.86WH
  • Total voltage: 11.1V
  • The capacity of drinking cup: 200ml
  • The effective length of power cable: 1500mm
  • Dimension: 3.2*3.0*9.9 inch(L x W x H)
  • Weight:1.0kg


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