MT2 Precision Turntable: An Awesome Way to Upgrade Your Home Audio System

MT2 Precision Turntable 7

MT2 Precision Turntable will change your home into the best sound studio ever. It is designed with the turntable technology and awesome design to give you accurate playback and awesome performance. MT2 Precision Turntable is a new way to vinyl albums. With the complete features, this product will give you smooth operation without any trouble operation.


MT2 Precision Turntable 1

MT2 Precision Turntable has 17-13/16 inches x 6 inches with dust cover x 17 inches for the dimensions and 29 lbs in weight. The cartridge specifications include moving coil for the cartridge type, 20Hz to 50kHz of frequency response, 20 g tracking force, elliptical diamond stylus, 2.5 mV at 5 cm/s output level, and aluminum for the cantilever material.


Maximum Performance

MT2 Precision Turntable 2

The maximum performance comes from anti-skate force, tracking force, arm height, and cartridge overhang which are the basic use from the factory. You can enjoy your vinyl in the best and easy way whenever you want.


Unique Cartridge Design

MT2 Precision Turntable 3

This product is designed with a moving coil cartridge. It has a high enough output which is compatible with both moving magnet inputs and moving coil phono inputs. The high output voltage and high impedance cartridge will make sure the best music sound.

MT2 Precision Turntable 4

This cartridge also has a diamond stylus and an alloy cantilever with the exceptional tracking capability. The tonearm is designed from dural-aluminum complete with the special damping materials. The vertical bearings offer two ceramic surfaces and the horizontal bearing is designed from a gimballed sapphire.


The Platters

MT2 Precision Turntable 5

The platter is made from a dynamically balanced polyoxymethylene or POM. It has more than 1 inches in thickness. It will help you to absorb the external vibrations that can make a noise while it is used. The stable playback speed is a perfect operation for your vinyl. The inner platter is designed with CNC-precision milled aluminum.

MT2 Precision Turntable 6

The platters are rotated on a tempered and polished steel. The external voltage-stabilized power supply controls the DC motor to prevent any mechanical interference. The sturdy plinth is built with a highly compressed wood base. The top and the middle acrylic plates will absorb the unwanted vibrations.




MT2 Precision Turntable 8

MT2 Precision Turntable is compatible with some preamplifiers, such as stereo preamplifiers, McIntosh phono preamplifiers, and so on. This awesome product has an awesome compatibility with all speakers and amplifiers to complete your home audio system.

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