Hi-Fire: The Sound Visualization with Flame

Hi Fire 4

Another cool illustration product design from Denis Borisov, this one is called Hi-Fire. Hi-Fire is the sound visualization with flame. The sound system works based on the flame sensitivity effect to the sound waves from “Rubens ‘Tube”. Hi-Fire works on LPG gas and it consists of long thin elements that interacting with high and medium sound frequencies.

Flame Sensitivity

Hi Fire 1

Hi Fire 3

The effect of the flame sensitivity is the main system of Hi-Fire. It makes the sound waves that you can listen clearly. This kind of system is called as “Rubens ‘Tube”. You will feel the most exciting listening experience ever.


Long Thin Elements

Hi Fire 2

Hi-Fire can be used using LPG gas with long thin elements. The medium and high frequencies sound is interacting with them. You can listen to the bass sound through the box-shaped panels that will give you the most interesting bass sound.


Expressive Listening

Hi Fire 4

The design of Hi-Fire is perfect for you who love to have a sound studio in your home. With the division system just like in audio systems, you will be given the most expressive listening moment in your life in an easy way.


Sound Visualization

Hi Fire 5

Denis Borisov created a product design like Hi-Fire to give you a unique sound visualization. The idea is about to bring the best sound to your house in an easy way. With Hi-Fire, the best listening experience is yours.

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