PEG Clock: A Clock with Honest Minimalist Design

PEG Clock 2

Denis Borisov is the man behind this product design. PEG Clock is the product design of a clock with an honest minimalist design. All elements in this clock are the parts of the look, including the clock mounting system. The design makes this clock doesn’t have any hidden things. PEG Clock is supported by some color elements to help people read the time easily.

Unique Design

PEG Clock 1

PEG Clock is designed in a unique way which is different from the regular clock that you often use. Denis Borisov designs this clock with simple elements, especially the color. The clock part comes in white and grey color which is so simple and modern.


Functional Elements

PEG Clock 2

The best thing about PEG Clock design is the functional elements. The functional elements are not only about giving the best clock system but also giving the awesome look for the whole clock design. Even the minute and hour hand can be the decorative elements of this clock design.


Hanged It On

PEG Clock 3

The design of PEG Clock also allows you to hang in it on your room ceiling. So this clock is not only about a wall clock that you can put on your room wall but also on your ceiling if you use a good rope and tie it well.



PEG Clock 4

Denis Borisov doesn’t have any limited idea about PEG Clock. He tries to make a product design which is available in colorful options. PEG Clock will be a perfect modern clock with some awesome colors like blue, orange, yellow, and green.


Mounting System

PEG Clock 5

The mounting system of PEG Clock is designed very easy for all people. You just need to put the minute and hour hand right in the middle hole of the clock. It fits well with any type of walls because of the color design.



PEG Clock 6

PEG Clock is a product design with a stylish model. The whole design of this clock is perfect for decorating your home nicely. You just need to put it in a visible spot which is easy to see. And almost all things and furniture inside your home can be matched awesomely with this clock design.

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