ALPHA: The World’s Best Titanium Bicycles for All

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When you need to have an everyday bike, all you need is ALPHA. It is a ready-made model bike with cutting-edge engineering and beautiful design. With the accessible price, everyone can have one of this bicycles. ALPHA is built for joy riding, city commuting, and also exercising. It is one bicycle for all that will give you a world class riding experience.


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ALPHA comes in black color with modern design. This kind of design makes it perfect for all of your purposes in bicycling. You can enjoy an awesome city commuting around your home residence. The design also allows you to have a healthy exercise every day.




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ALPHA has a trigger-shifting Shimano Alfine which is imported from Japan. With the 307% gear range, it will give you a right amount to support your daily activities. The gates carbon drive is virtually silent and smooth, the best thing about this bike more than the traditional chain.



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ALPHA is a bicycle from Budnitz. It has high-performance FlyLite™ cantilever frame with custom aluminum. The carbon fork is paired to make the precision handling. 3D Cnc’d rear dropouts and custom internal cable routing make it perfect too. The frame becomes so lightweight and sturdy.


What You Get

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Once you have one of this bicycles, you will get a 10-year guarantee, 12-month wheel-to-wheel warranty, and also theft protection. Before you have this bike, make sure you choose the right size based on your height.



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With the black color and best titanium material, ALPHA will not only become your best bike to enjoy a joy riding but also give you a stylish media to improve your fashion. This bike even can be a cool decoration in your own home.

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