The Pi Bike: One for The Geeks

The Pi Bike 6

Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas teamed up with WE ARE Pi organization to dispatch The Pi Bike a couple of days before Pi Day which is praised on March fourteenth, the nearest date to the numerical number “pi”.

The Pi Bike 6

Initially brought about by Malaysian artist, craftsman, and visual architect Tang Yau Hoong, the Pi Bike was enlivened by London-based craftsman Tadas Maksimovas and Dutch creator Martijn Koomen, who eventually created the eccentric vehicle from carbon fiber.

The Pi Bike 5

The duo perfected the prototype over several iterations, first creating a paper model then adapting it to the proportions of an industry-standard bicycle.

The Pi Bike 1

Scale models produced using cardboard and plywood were changed, balanced, and tried before molds were thrown from pitch, sanded down, and collected for the primary full form.

The Pi Bike 3

As for the hardware, an 8bar Super crankset, Nitto track racing bars, and Hydra fixed-gear wheels were used to complete the infamous pi bike.

The Pi Bike 4

The seat is incorporated with the flick of the best bar of the pi-formed casing. For the last touch, working rendition of the bicycle, new forms were created from more grounded upheld carbon and reassembled.

The Pi Bike 2

While there are no future plans to create the Pi Bike industrially, the one existing case will show up at different galleries and displays around Amsterdam.