Bulova CURV: The World’s First Curved Chronograph Movement

Bulova CURV 5

When you need the best watch ever, you should have Bulova CURV. With the curved chronograph movement, Bulova offers CURV watch with a sleek ergonomic design and also a slim case which is possible for a watch in chronograph movement. This watch is not only perfect for your need of a right time but also a stylish media for your everyday fashion.

Chronograph Movement

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Bulova CURV can be called as the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Most of the slim and ergonomic watch is not available in chronograph movement. That’s why this watch can be a leader in offering an awesome watch which is different from others.


CURV Collection

Bulova CURV 5

You will have some best choices of CURV with different styles. Bulova CURV comes in the best collection. This collection offers some striking series of dress and also sports styles too. You just need to choose one which is perfect for your taste of a watch.


CURV Style

Bulova CURV 4

Bulova CURV comes in best designs and styles. This watch is designed with stainless steel case, titanium five-hand chronograph, a case with exhibition screw-back design, rose gold-tone accents on the dark grey exhibition dial, and black metallization with curved sapphire glass on the outer crystal. Bulova CURV has an awesome feature of water resistance to 30 meters.


CURV Movement

Bulova CURV 3

A high-performance quartz movement is used to give a perfect engineering inside Bulova CURV. The movement vibrates at a 262kHz frequency to give a precise accuracy. This watch has been designed with the best technology to make an aerodynamic statement that will follow your wrist.



Bulova CURV 2

Bulova CURV 1

Bulova CURV 7

Bulova CURV comes in some different styles to complete your need for an awesome watch. Every single watch of CURV has been designed and tested to give you the best work of a watch. The design style will never make your fashion looks outdated.

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