GPR-B1000: A Watch with Ultimate Toughness for Survival

GPR B1000 Watch 10

GPR-B1000 is the world’s first solar-assisted GPS navigation watch. This watch has an ultimate toughness for you who want to be a survivor. GPR-B1000 is designed by G-Shock and it comes in two types, GPR-B1000-1 and GPR-B1000-1B. With the GPS navigation, you will find your way to your final outdoor destination.


GPR B1000 Watch 12

Both GPR-B1000-1 and GPR-B1000-1B has same specifications. The difference is located in the colors. This watch is built with a shock-resistant, mud-resistant, and also low-temperature resistance. The GPS Signal Frequency is about 1575.42 MHz with time-calibration for the GPS signal reception. GPR-B1000 is designed with the Bluetooth® low energy for the standard communication and the signal range is up to 2 m.

GPR B1000 Watch 8

The total weight is about 142 g with 60.3 × 57.7 × 20.2 mm for the case size. It is also made with a solar powered system and the charging system is compatible with wireless chargers. GPR-B1000 is completed with alarm, stopwatch, world time, countdown timer, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, digital compass and also point memory.

GPR B1000 Watch 10


Navigate and Log

GPR B1000 Watch 7

You need to turn on the GPS navigation to automatically record the tracks. GPR-B1000 will collect the location data from GPS satellites to show your current location and your destination in a real-time. It saves up to 20 tracks in the memory.



GPR B1000 Watch 4

GPR-B1000 will also help you to navigate back to where you started. With the trach data to display the route back, you can see the bearing and the starting point in the display.


Point Memory

GPR B1000 Watch 13

You can the point data easily with GPR-B1000. It is also including the temperature, the atmospheric pressure, altitude, and date or time. Just push the button and set the point icons for indicating the point type.


Ceramic Case Back

GPR B1000 Watch 11

It is the first of G-SHOCK to use a ceramic case back for the product. GPR-B1000 is designed with a ceramic case back to support the high-sensitivity GPS reception and the wireless charging. The ceramic material is about 2.0 mm thick. It makes the watch has the best waterproof and shock-resistance ever.


Solar and Wireless Charging

GPR B1000 Watch 3

GPR B1000 Watch 2

With the dual wireless and solar charging systems, GPR-B1000 is the best watch in the outdoors. You can use the GPS navigation for 33 hours on a wireless charge. You can charge it in bright light to resume the GPS function. The solar charging can keep the time display at all times


Navigation Route Setting

GPR B1000 Watch 6

You can register the start point, the key points, and the destination on the map to make a GPS NAVI route map.



GPS Log Function

GPR B1000 Watch 5

You can save your movement trajectory using G-SHOCK Connected App. You can easily review the route, altitude information and transition on points on a 3D graphics display or a timeline display.

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