Ressence Type 2: The First Mechanical Watch with a Smart Crown

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One disadvantage of a kinetic watch is that it has to reset the time. This then causes some people to get bored and switch to an electric watch or smartwatch. Currently, Ressence Watchmaker from Belgium has offered Type2 e-Crown, an automatic/electromechanical watch that adjusts its own time after simple tap.

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Ressence Type 2 e-Crown actually maintains another style of Ressence timepieces. It no longer has a crown, so it looks like aesthetically widened. That raises the question for us, how can this watch jump to the right time?

It turns out that the secret ability lies in the lever behind the 45mm titanium case of the watch. Ressence has replaced the traditional mechanical crown with an in-house, electromechanical and embedded system.

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The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown uses two modules separately. One of them is automatic movement, which uses the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), which is re-selected and patented using a series of titanium rings and discs.

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e-Crown is tasked with recording the initial settings and resetting the time. Other features of the e-Crown monitor the performance of the watch and allow the wearer to switch between time zones and e-Crown modes, and connect via Bluetooth to smartphone applications.

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In order to accompany travel accommodation, the e-Crown can enlist double cross zones. Set the subsequent time zone a similar route as the first and change starting with one then onto the next by means of the mode selector on the dial.

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Ressence has also put on other supporting features such as geolocation, which is more precise with regard to daily time, readout performance and automatic switching between summer and winter. Simply put, Type 2 is modern classy watch that will keep you in style.

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There are three modes that the e-Crown has, the first one full e-Crown, where the clock is set precisely by e-Crown and the application. Both semi e-Crowns that use e-Crowns at a short precision level. The third mode is a manual mode where returning settings to predigital hours without electronic surveillance.

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Ressence also makes Type 2 e-Crown independently, using 1.8 joules of energy per day. But if the watch is left, 10 micro shutters automatically open the photovoltaic cell and e-Crown goes into sleep mode until the glass is tapped.


Ressence Type 2

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