The Canfield Sport: The Most Complex Watch to Date

The Canfield Sport 5

Shinola is thinking outside the box with regards to the conventional sports watch. An invigorating interpretation of a great timepiece, the Canfield Sport’s many-sided quality becomes the dominant focal point of this very product.

The Canfield Sport 4

Shinola’s most current watch is an act in straightforwardness. Or on the other hand rather, influencing an intricate development to feel straightforward. That is the awesome logical inconsistency of the Canfield Sport: it’s controlled by a quartz development with a yearly schedule and a chronograph work.


Built With Only The Best

The Canfield Sport 6

Assembled utilizing a best-stacked case development, the Canfield Sport includes a settled best ring with artistic embed and a dial punctuated with three subdials, making this watch intuitively lively and a closet staple.

The Canfield Sport 1

The Canfield Sport features one of two distinct movements: The Argonite 5040.D or the Argonite 5040.F. The Argonite 5040.D 40mm chronograph features three subdials, a calendar aperture, and powerful, long-lasting battery.


The Precise


The Canfield Sport 5

The Argonite 5040.F 45mm chronograph highlights three subdials, a double logbook gap, fourth date hand and effective, enduring battery. The two developments are profoundly precise and assembled in the Detroit manufacturing plant.

The Canfield Sport 3

The Canfield Sport commands attention with its unique details. The open dial accented by three sub dials creates a classic, clean look. Additional chronograph features elevate the appeal.


Power and Artistry

The Canfield Sport 2

With a cost of $850, this emphasis of the Shinola Canfield Sport is on the more moderate end of the range which beat out at $1,100 for the 45mm on a steel arm jewelry. You will get the style and the sporty vibe. Power and accuracy in addition to the best craftsmanship with creativity.

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