Junghans Collection: Style outside. Precision inside.

Meister Driver 1

Watches become one of the mandatory accessories that must be owned by everyone in the modern era like today.

Day by day, more and more unique products comes up and claims that they have the most superior quality. Well, each watch usually has a different design so that it gives a different impression. Junghans also has it’s own color and the Germany-based watchmaker is the real deal on the market.

Junghans Collection 2

If you are one of those people who loves to get detail on your watch and the kinda collector, then you really can miss Junghans. The watchmaker is one of the most prominent watch companies that is famous for its various watch products that have unique and captivating designs.

Junghans Collection 1

Junghans is known for its attention to detail and by looking at these four watches below, you will understand it completely,


Junghans Meister Pilot

Meister Pilot 12

This watch has been in the making since the 1930s and finally, Junghans got the green light to produce an onboard watch for aircraft and airplanes. This one particular watch has a design that refers to the cockpit, like the legendary Bunderwehr Chronograph.

The Numbers that have a distinctive light will make your hands look shiny so you can read them clearly. The bezel is also formed with ergonomic on its core to ensure a good grip.

Meister Pilot 11


Junghans Meister

Meister 2

This watch is a perfect form of a combination of technology and character in design. This mechanical watch was first produced in the 1930s and fame has been steady over the years.

With a chronometer quality watch movement, this timepiece succeeded in bringing the company to its peak as the third-largest chronometer producer in the world in 1956. As the times evolved, this type of watch underwent innovation and renewal so that its models can retain its glory in the modern era.

Meister 1



Junghans Meister Mega

Meister Mega 2

By combining traditional watch designs with modern accents, the Junghans Meister Mega is unique in its own yay.

In addition, the hallmark of this watch is classic elegance, innovative and simple technology. The movement is able to provide very accurate and perfect information.

Meister Mega 1

The Meister Mega prevails in easily remaining consistent with its beginnings while encapsulating best in class innovation. Exact in time-telling and rich in structure, the watch offers that bonus with respect to exactness and style.


Junghans Meister Driver

Meister Driver 2

Arthur Junghans’ admiration for watches and cars made him launch products such as car speed measuring devices in 1905. In his collaboration with the Leitz Company in Wetzlar, Germany, Junghans produced watches by following the tradition of car dashboards, namely by displaying time details accurately. No wonder the Meister Driver model is a favorite for car lovers.

Meister Driver 1

Today, the Meister Driver models still follow the custom of the car dashboards, highlighting subtleties from their verifiable forerunners. The timepiece will take you on a voyage from the past into what’s to come.

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