Garmin Overlander™: Roam the Unknown with the Rugged All-terrain Navigator

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Losing your track while exploring might sound fantastic for an idea of a Hollywood movie but in real life, it’s more frightening than what you might have expected. Well, there is no need to be afraid since Garmin claims that their Overlander is the most powerful and the most sophisticated navigator in the market.

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Garmin believes that an adventure will be more interesting and challenging if we go down on the new road. With Garmin Overlander, traveling anywhere will be easier. The user can drive with confidence even though it’s the first time entering the area.

Garmin Overlander helps its user to find the right road route by going through bends, overgrown roads, to trails as confident as the natives of the area. So, you can expand your range and enjoy each trip without the fear of getting lost.

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This highly-developed navigation is able to display various information in full on a 7-inch screen. With just one button, you can switch from on-road GPS maps to topographic mapping mode in detail. This makes it easy for the user to recognize the terrain to be traversed so that they can prepare their vehicle properly.

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Along with various advanced features embedded on it, Garmin Overlander is able to recognize personal land boundaries, hunting locations, campsites and so on.

In addition to that, there are other advanced features that will make the adventure get more exciting, namely the notification of the weight and size of the bridge, compass sensors, barometer, and altimeter as well as the slope or incline curve that is coming ahead.

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Other features that are useful for your trip are Wi-Fi connectivity, weather forecasts, compatible with satellite-based text messages, route plans and much more. Each of these features has benefits that will facilitate your trip and anticipate when something unexpected happens on the streets.

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Overlander is the true important tool that can accompany its user anywhere. With a compass, barometer, and altimeter, it’s easier to navigate on difficult terrain. Even long trips will not be a problem because this navigation system has an internal battery that can be recharged.

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Not only does it help while traveling, but this powerful navigator can also make recordings and routes by tapping the screen on the Overlander. You need to sync your account wirelessly to make it easier. Thus, the navigation can work precisely and accurately.

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Are you interested in getting one? Well, in order to take the Garmin Overlander home you will be getting a setback of $ 699.99 which is quite a bargain for all of its features.


Garmin Overlander™

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