NOMOS Glashütte: Very Robust – and Exceptionally Sporty

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NOMOS Glashütte is a cool looking timepiece that has a sporty concept in its core design. This type of watch is very suitable to support every movement of its wearer in all activities, which is specifically important for those who are quite busy in their daily activities.

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In addition, NOMOS Glashütte has also used the waterproof mode, so its users no longer need to worry if their watch is exposed to water. The robust and sporty concept is clearly presented in every aspect of the Germany-based watch.

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NOMOS Glashütte has three variants that are available and adjusted to current mode and trends. Some of these colors include 42 dates Tangente Sport, Neomatic Tangente Sport 42 date marine black and Tangente Sport neomatic 42 date black.

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Apart from the choices, all of the NOMOS Glashütte products use the highest quality materials to support the stylish and sporty concepts that the watchmakers choose to go with.

Aside from the innovative date function, these watches are robust, water resistant, and feature a metal bracelet. In short, these two versions of Tangente Sport and Club Sport represent modern Glashütte watchmaking at its best.” – NOMOS Glashütte

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With the strong cases, fixing, and sapphire precious stone glass, these new watches are smaller than usual vaults that stay thin all things considered. The long-awaited NOMOS wrist trinket, carefully assembled from 145 individual parts.

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1000 ft is engraved on the dials, uncovering the extraordinary water-resistance level and capacity to withstand weight ashore as well. The superluminova decorate on the numerals, lists, and hands help to tell the time in obscurity—and profoundly submerged.

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Another advantage of this watch is the machine implanted in it which can produce very accurate timeliness. In order to get this level of detail, of course, the best motor will be needed and NOMOS Glashütte entrusts that capability on the DUW 6101 which is the latest advancement by the watchmaker.

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Super strong details and builds plus the use of mechanical machines that have a very detailed percentage make the process of making Glashütte NOMOS take a very long time and has often experienced various failures before finally finding the right rotor combination.

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The most important part of NOMOS Glashütte is that this watch is very comfortable and light and with these advantages, the price tag of $4980 is justifiable.



NOMOS Glashütte

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