Luminox 1003.SAR ICE-SAR Arctic 1000 Series: Tough Companion on Tough Making Decision Time!

Luminox 1003 Sar Ice Sar Arctic 1000 Series 3

There are many watches out there intended for those who need a companion which is durable to withstand all the actions and adventures they lead. Luminox may sound foreign to some of us, but this brand has often proven that their watch is one of the toughest in the market today.

Luminox 1003 Sar Ice Sar Arctic 1000 Series 5

Luminox has a lot of interesting watches series with features prepared for various needs, but the Arctic 1000 Series ICE-SAR is still one of the main trademarks of American brands that are widely known as the equipment suppliers, especially to the Navy Seals and sports action professionals.


Latest in the Impressive Lineup

Luminox 1003 Sar Ice Sar Arctic 1000 Series 3

The Arctic 1000 Series ICE-SAR has five watches which all have the same toughness and only have a slight difference in the features. But 1003.SAR is the new deserved main attraction in this lineup. This timepiece uses a Carbonox casing that is famous for being strong and reliable in all terrain.


High-Grade Materials

Luminox 1003 Sar Ice Sar Arctic 1000 Series 2

While the back uses Stainless Steel so it does not rust easily. While the glass uses crystalline, which is clear and certainly has tremendous durability. For the strap section, 1003.SAR has a strap made of genuine rubber that makes users feel comfortable when using this watch.

Luminox 1003 Sar Ice Sar Arctic 1000 Series 1

The watch that has the complete tag of ICE-SAR 1003 Arctic 1000 Series has a water resistance of up to 200 meters which will be suitable for divers. It also has several parts that can be lit when used at night, such as clockwork and also the edge of the clock.



With a diameter of 46 mm, 1003.SAR is not too small or not too big for an adventure watch. This watch is also very light due to the weight which is not more than 75 grams. By utilizing Quartz technology as a needle drive mechanism, the Luminox timepiece is priced at $ 445.

Luminox 1003 Sar Ice Sar Arctic 1000 Series 4

  • Function: TimeDate
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Case
    • Diameter: 46.00 mm
    • Material: CARBONOX™
    • Bezel: Fix
    • Back: Stainless Steel Screw-on
  • Crown: Stainless Steel, Double O-ring crown
  • Glass material: Sapphire crystal anti-reflective coating
  • Strap material: Genuine Rubber
  • LLT on Dial 12H: Orange
  • LLT on Dial 1-11H: Ice Blue
  • LLT on Hour hand: Orange
  • LLT on Minute hand: Orange
  • Illumination: Night Vision Tubes (25 years)
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