Regulus A1180-001: A Sturdy Watch from Nixon

Nixon Regulus A1180 001 1

Built to last, Regulus A1180-001 from Nixon is a sturdy watch with the best design and durability. This watch is designed with 100 water resistance of custom LCD module. It also has a fiber-reinforced case for the harshest conditions. You will not only get a cool watch design but also an awesome watch that you can use anywhere and anytime you want.

Basic Operations

Nixon Regulus A1180 001 1

Regulus A1180-001 has been built with some amazing operations. Besides the custom LCD module for the best water resistance, this watch is also completed with the oversized LED backlight display, dual chronographs, and fiber-reinforced case.


Built to Last

Nixon Regulus A1180 001 2

Regulus A1180-001 will give you the best feature. This watch is built to watch for everyone. With 5-year battery life, 100m water-resistant case, and shock-absorbent materials, you will have a watch that is always durable in your hand.



Nixon Regulus A1180 001 3

The strap of Regulus A1180-001 from Nixon is a kind of an articulated free swing strap. This strap is made by Nixon’s patented locking looper strap which is not only comfortable but also secure for your hand.



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Regulus A1180-001 from Nixon is not only available in all black color. It is also designed in gunmetal style and sand style. Those styles will give more options for a stylish watch based on your fashion or your taste of a watch model.

Double Time

Nixon Regulus A1180 001 5

With dual chronograph functionality, you can keep the track of your operations with this watch. The watch movement of Regulus A1180-001 also has many functions, such as auto calendar through 2099, countdown timer, adjustable LED backlight, and so much more.

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