Speedvagen The Disc OG: Presented With Out Preciousness

Speedvagen The Disc Og 8

Taking the achievement of their OG-1 street bike and carrying it to the following dimension, Speedvagen has recently reported their Disk OG. These bicycles are sold as a complete set, with Shimano specs of your decision and are tuned to be an exact ride or race bicycle without any ornamentations.

Speedvagen The Disc Og 8

Regardless of what point you take a gander at it, a Speedvagen is one hellfire of an alluring bike. The Portland workshop raises the stakes with their Disk OG street bicycle, which highlights the majority of the standard characteristics and an alluring sticker price for sure.

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This bicycle isn’t just a premium, made-in-America steel street bicycle with Vanilla’s mark meticulousness. Be that as it may, the Speedvagen Disk OG is to a greater extent a bicycle for all-around street riding and hustling.

This is a street bicycle for the individuals who welcome the more pleasant things throughout everyday life, except are reluctant to forfeit present day execution or solidness.

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The edge is led by their very own head tube, planned and produced in Portland, and it’s an ideal supplement to the well proportioned back remains. Fore or toward the back, it’s an extraordinary view — particularly before the scenes this vehicle could convey you to.

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The edge is intended to be a workhorse, however, that term gives a false representation of its genuine usefulness. It very well may be ridden throughout the day, and additionally dashed hard. Those previously mentioned seat stays aren’t only for show, they also make for supple true responsiveness.

Speedvagen The Disc Og 2

The new bicycle is welded from Speedvagen’s very own modified premium multi-butted steel tubes, with their mark situate pole, swooping hourglass seat stays and tapered headtube. The Disk OG is worked around level mount plate brakes and 12mm through axles, front and back, worked around an ENVE Disk Road fork.

Speedvagen The Disc Og 1

Geometry for the bicycle is race-prepared with equalization or dependability and smart taking care of in six stock sizes from 50. Coordinating the cutting edge plate outline and fork, the Disk OG has clearance for up to 32mm tires.

Speedvagen The Disc Og 6

The Ready Made Disk OG highlights a straightforward, dependable form unit with a total Shimano Ultegra R8000 mechanical, water powered groupset, composite Easton EA70SL wheels with 28mm Donnelly Strada LGG tires.

The cockpit is equivalent on strong, reasonable execution with a combination PRO bar and stem, compound Ritchey Seatpost head, and ti-railed Fabric Scoop saddle. All of these premium features will set you around $5995.

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