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While the remainder of the world is off riding the standard bike, multi-day commuter or hiking experiences, the greater part of us are as yet riding to take a shot at our trusty suburbanites. On the off chance that you pay attention to your everyday riding, there’s a bicycle that can do everything easily, Breadwinner Cycles B-Road.

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The company is the meeting up of two bike manufacturers, Ira Ryan, and Tony Pereria. They’ve joined their 20-year periods of consolidated ability and bike structure aptitudes to shape the brand, with each bicycle worked by hand to the accurate prerequisites of every client.

The Breadwinner Cycles inventory comprises of eight bikes that spread most trains, yet they’re adaptable monsters, as well. Particularly the B-Road. It’s a development of their Holeshot CX bicycle, with a couple of changes that enable it to be set up for all-climate use.

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Each casing that leaves the workshop is structured and worked for its rider utilizing custom geometry to make an ideal fit while keeping the streamlined subtleties and attributes of every Breadwinner model. This is then why the company charge a lil bit more for the custom bike.

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A base section stature is four millimeters lower than the Holeshot makes it increasingly steady, however marginally more extreme points increment the fun factor when riding on-street. It’s propelled by Ira’s triumphs in the 2005 and 2007 Trans-Iowa continuance races, also thousands additional miles time permitting.

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The B-Road is built with Columbus Zona and Life tubes — TIG welded, yet the handcrafted dropouts are metal brazed into the remains. Hardened steel TITO supplements are utilized in the dropouts to give a spotless face to the pivot, stick and speedy discharge and shield the paint from chipping.

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The ENVE fork accompanies the casing as standard and, alongside the edge, is flawlessly appropriate for PDW Full Metal bumpers. This one is spruced up with Tubus racks, plates, and incorporated dynamo lights in both the front and back. A Sugar Wheelworks wheelset with Chris King center points is the last touch of the $4780 bike.

  • Columbus Spirit tubing
  • Breadwinner QR or Thru-axle stainless dropouts
  • Eccentric Bottom Bracket Singlespeed option available
  • Enve G-Series or TRP carbon fork painted to match
  • 3 bottle bosses for unsupported adventures
  • Optional fender mounts for wet weather riding
  • Fits 42mm tires with fenders, 48mm without
  • 9 stock color choices, custom available
  • Lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship



Breadwinner Cycles B-Road

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