Disc Racer 2.0: It is a road bike for everything – except everyday

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Since the advancement of material in the bike-making industry, steel has been one of the most favorable material and one of the bikes made of steel is Disc Racer 2.0. Its owner can assemble and choose the color, shape and size of each part of the bike as they wish. Moreover, the material used is hand-made. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

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This bike is made of the best steel with components that are mostly made in Germany or Europe. In addition, the steel frame with a straight tube made from Columbus HS. Whereas for the lower tube it is made of 44 mm bi-oval.

If you have a passion for fast steel road bikes, then this is the right bike for you.  It is a road bike for everything – except everyday. – Big Forest Frameworks

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The advantages of Disc Racer 2.0 is that it can move super fast but is still quite agile. Some other advantages offered and facilities that its owner can enjoy are the freedom to choose the color of the logo, frame color, frame number, and you can choose the color of the hub, stem, seat pole clamping the seat pole.

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Going a lil bit deeper into the specs, and we can see that the bikemaker use the strongest and lightest steel from Columbus, 44 mm bi-oval down tube for greater frame rigidity and better power transfers, tapered top tubes, special bent chains, and fixed mounts for sufficient tire clearance and driving comfort.

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The stainless steel adapter for the front derailleur clamp and seat looks cool and helps keep the frame looking good for years to come. The internal brake lines are keeping everything clean, the 44mm head tube and tapered fork produce the right steering and brake system performance. 142 × 12 via axle is the best choice for disk frames.

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The material itself is already the highest echelon out there, and with the freedom to create a custom logo and colors, the Disc Racer 2.0 from Big Forest Frameworks is proving that there will always be a place for improvement even on the super specific market such as handmade bikes. Well. everything premium comes with a premium price tag and for the Disc Racer 2.0, the company put on the price of $ 5,310.


Disc Racer 2.0

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