Ore 04 – Bulbul: Reduces timekeeping to its pure essence.

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Ore 04 is that type of watch that is simple and stylish has a pretty unique shape, looks a bit pale but still attract you in a way. The attraction starts at the face where there is no pointer. There are only two hands that show the hours and minutes.

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Although Ore 04 does not have a numeric pointer, what you need to know is that the watch has the same clock movement as the conventional watch out there. So that the difference in time found on this watch can be categorized to be quite small comparing to the conventional watch in the market nowadays.

Following the slightly asymmetric Pebble and the clean and contemporary Facette, the circular, minimalist Ore watch reduces timekeeping to its pure essence.”  – bulbul watches

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Every detail of this timepiece is made of the highest quality materials and will not just shine anyone who wears but also increases their confidence while wearing it. Thus, Ore 04 is a very suitable fashion statement while attending a luxurious party or some other official events.

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Digging on to the details section of this watch, the watchmaker put on a sapphire crystal with a Swiss gold layer with 4 gems. As for the part of the strap, Bulbul Watches pick the Italian leather straps that are already well-known for their quality.

Ore 04 Bulbul 4

As for the durability, Ore 04 is claimed to be able to last up to 10 years of usage. The looks may deceive you, but the specs inside Ore 04 will not. The overall premium under the simple case concept is tagged at $373 which is quite a bargain.

  • Sapphire Crystal
  • Swiss Gold Plated Movement with 4 Jewels
  • German Made Steelband
  • Italian Leather Strap
  • 316L Steel Case
  • Dimensions: 39 mm diameter x 8 mm in height.
  • 18 mm wide strap.
  • Two-year warranty
  • Ten Years Battery life
  • 5 ATM
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