Vintage Electric Cafe Bike: the commuter electric bike rebooted

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 1

Before stepping deep into the details of this unique bike from Vintage Electric Bikes, you need to know that Cafe is an electric bike. The company claims that their latest bike got 3 times more power than other electric bikes in the market today.

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 2

The lightweight pedal aids to make the cruise with Vintage Electric Cafe got even more remarkable. This bike has been equipped with an electric drive engine which makes its use more stable.

All the benefits of bicycle commuting have been amplified by the electric drive train and vintage-inspired aesthetics, putting the Cafe electric bike in a lane of its own.” – Vintage Electric 

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 7

With the help of an intuitive pedal, this bike has the speed and power that is not matched by its competitors. Vintage Electric Cafe has a size of S 15.5a “/ M 17.5” / L 19.5 “. The front brakes use Shimano M365 Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

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For the main case, Vintage Electric Cafe utilizes Chromoly steel. The battery that can be removed and recharge is nothing new for a nowadays electric bike but the decision to mate it with the Shimano SLX 10spd shift lever with a rear bub that uses a 135mm drive with 750w of power is astonishing. Last but not least from the sheet specs is that this classic-looked bike uses Shimano SLX 11-34 as a freewheel.

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 5

Vintage Electric Cafe has an amazing and luxurious performance that makes these bikes are in great demand. This bike is one of the most powerful electric bikes in the commuter bicycle market in the city today.

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 4

Since it is equipped with a very supportive hub drive motor, Vintage Electric Cafe can also provide the perfect level of speed and control throughout the journey. The drivetrain that reaches 750 watts can also provide the power needed to take on any obstacle.

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 3

In terms of design, Vintage Electric Cafe has a versatile design. This bike is available in 3 sizes, with a frame made of specially designed Chromoly steel to provide performance and comfort that is very suitable for any riders.

This bike is designed with a battery that can be removed and that is what makes this bike one of the most classy and is the fastest choice for the city commuter.

Vintage Electric Cafe Bike 1

With a classy design plus high-level echelons of specifications, this bike has its own undeniable charm. Vintage Electric Cafe is available for $ 3,995 while those who want to rent the e-bike will be charged $129.

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