GigaPower LI Stove: The Toughest You Will Get Out There!

Gigapower Li Stove 4

The hiking stove market is swarmed nowadays. There are strong, sleek models from top of the line makers, innumerable models you’ve most likely never known about, and a huge number sold just on Amazon at almost nothing. So what completes a decent stove look like ?

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Look no far from this collapsible and flawlessly constructed product, this stove will be the envy of the campground. From the well-known producer of outdoors equipment, GigaPower LI Stove is the embodiment of stove.



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Small, yet powerful. This sturdy stove features a large burner head that kicks out 34,000 BTUs to boil a liter of water in 2. 5 minutes.

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Throw together a vat of stew, dissolve snow for water when you’re winter outdoors, or make enough hot cocoa for the entire campground with the Snow Peak GigaPower Li Stove.

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The style enables the canister to be secured topsy-turvy for fluid fuel infusion control. Also, in case you’re on the unstable ground, one leg can be set longer than the others for a level cook surface.


Quick and Easy

Gigapower Li Stove 2

A collapsible outline and included conveying case make pressing it along in a speedy and simple way, while four customizable legs make it super strong.

Gigapower Li Stove 1

The four-legged contraption is bounty strong for holding up a pot, in addition to it has an extraordinary reason. Change the legs to the proper tallness for your canister and connect the fuel hose.

Gigapower Li Stove 4

Capable of holding large pots and pans when cooking for large groups of people, GigaPower LI Stove is sure to be a central gathering point for all your campouts.

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