ME Dinner Set: Food Containers to Invite People for Special Moment

ME Dinner Set 11

If you love to have special moments with your family, you can use Me Dinner Set to invite all people to have fun. “Me” is a simple set of food containers for your delicious food. The concept of the food containers design is about the fusion and mixture of cultures and local materials. This kind of concept makes Me Dinner Set is recognizable to a Dutchman and a Colombian.

Outdoor Use

ME Dinner Set 1

ME Dinner Set 2

Me Dinner Set is the best food containers for an outdoor use. When you want to have a nice picnic with your family and friends, you can use this food container to bring some delicious food. The simple design makes it is very easy to carry.



ME Dinner Set 11

Me Dinner Set is built with an MTic-design. This design is sharing knowledge, cultures, and developing products with an international level. It can connect all people from different backgrounds and countries to make some cool things together.

ME Dinner Set 3

There is an awesome program too called MTic-design knowledge exchange program. It is product design collaboration of Colombia and Netherlands. They try to make some innovative products together and share every knowledge for educational and professional purposes.

ME Dinner Set 13

MTic-design knowledge exchange program consists of two parallel projects. The first project is a design project and the second project is a research project. With this kind of program and projects, they can make some awesome products, one of them is Me Dinner Set.



ME Dinner Set 6

Some of the methods that the designers have to create Me Dinner Set are used to bring a simple design product for you. This kind of food containers basically comes with a simple design. The purpose surely is about giving you an easy product to use, especially to bring your foods everywhere.


Easy to Carry

ME Dinner Set 8

ME Dinner Set 9

Me Dinner Set has been designed complete with a strap too. This strap is used to give you an easy way when you bring it in outdoor activities. The color and design of the strap are also perfect, it is matching with the whole design of the food containers.


Food Container

ME Dinner Set 10

ME Dinner Set 12

Me Dinner Set is not only perfect for your outdoor activities like a picnic but it is also a perfect product to put your delicious foods on the dining table. Everyone around the dining table can easily take the foods from the container. The size will also not take too much space on the table.


Design Project

ME Dinner Set 16

Here is the first sketch of Me Dinner Set. This design project is made by Dutch designers with two Colombia designers. The product is about a collaboration of some different aesthetics, methodologies, and also approaches based on the personal style and culture design.

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