Lighthouse Mini Lantern by Goal Zero: Powerful Mini Lantern – Size Really Doesn’t Matter.

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There are a considerable measure of incredible lamps available and they all have their advantages and disadvantages, however, the Lighthouse Mini Lantern is unquestionably the one. In case you’re just going to get one then the Lighthouse Mini by Goal Zero is the one to purchase. This product has everything!

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The Lighthouse Mini is super small for a lamp. At 10.55 cm high it is about the length of the palm of your hand and effectively stashes into a knapsack. It just measures 227 g which is just marginally heavier than an iPhone 7 Plus or other expansive smartphones. So fundamentally for a lamp, this thing is little.


Not One, But Two LED

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As opposed to only a solitary LED light the Lighthouse Mini Lantern has 2 LED lights. In full splendor, you will get 210 lumens that go on for 4 hours. Lighting only 1 of the LEDs to full shine gives you 7 hours of run time and lighting only 1 LED on the most reduced setting gives you 500+ hours of run time. That is more than 20 days of ceaseless crisis lighting!


Steady Legs



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The Lighthouse Mini has fold-down legs that tuck away when not in use. The legs have rubber covers which makes them grip to surfaces really well. It’s a bit rickety but as long as you’re not bumping it around too much it should stand upright fine.

Charge Your Gadgets

Lighthouse Mini Lantern By Goal Zero 5

No other lantern have this capability. You can really utilize the Lighthouse Mini Lantern to charge an outside USB gadget like your smartphone. There is a USB port on the front and basically connecting your gadget to will enact it and evacuating the gadget will deactivate it so it doesn’t squander the battery.


Collab with Solar Panel and *BOOM* Perfection

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At the point when joined with a Goal Zero sun oriented solar panel you can charge your lamp from the sun, which is a quite cool feature to have. With the Nomad 7 Plus solar panels, you can charge the lantern for 4-6 hours. .So it’ll effortlessly charge completely amid the day for use around evening time.


The Ultimate Lantern

Lighthouse Mini Lantern By Goal Zero 2

Goal Zero have thought of nearly everything with regards to hanging this light. Though different lamps have a solitary snare and possibly a few legs this light has 1,000 approaches to hang it.

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The Lighthouse Mini Lantern uses 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery which stores 3000mAh of power, you can charge it through the built-in USB connector.

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