Nireeka: The Smartest and Affordable Bicycle Ever

Nireeka 9

The smartest and affordable bicycle is the concept design of Nireeka. This awesome bike is built with lightweight carbon fiber frame with some smart features, and also electric motor. The bike only has 35 lbs weight, a lightweight bike to give you a new experience. With a built-in app, heartbeat assist mode, blind spot radar, GPS navigator, and 3 different lights, Nireeka will be your best bike ever.

Smartest and Lightest Bike

Nireeka 9

Nireeka becomes a smartest and lightest bike ever because of its design and technology. This bike is designed with 500 W of power, 50 miles range, and also can be used in 20 mph of speed. The futurist electric bike comes for your journey.



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Here are the things that make Nireeka as an awesome eBike ever. The bike is designed beautifully with a powerful motor and a carbon fiber frame with an affordable price for you. It is also completed with shock absorber, 180-degree Tailight, iOs or Android app, an auto light, hydraulic disk brake, and internal battery storage.


Beautiful Bike

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Nireeka is not only a smart bike but also a beautiful bike. The functional and sleek design make it looks stylish and cool. With the best frame material and color, this bike is a perfect bike for your need and even your fashion in bicycling.



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There are many things that make Nireeka feels so special as a bike. It is a featherlight bike with carbon fiber frame. The powerful motor is completed with LG battery, auto light, and full suspension. You can put your mobile device easily on its mobile holder. With USB charger, you can charge your mobile device anytime.

The iOS or Android app will help you to use the bike well. Nireeka has a hydraulic disk bike, blind spot radar, trip computer, heartbeat assist, and unlimited color or vinyl. With an anti-theft system, you don’t have to worry about losing your bike.



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The frame has 1.5 kg in weight and the whole weight of the bike is less than 15.5 kg or 35 lbs. The carbon fiber of the frame is lighter than aluminum and it is much stronger than any regular frame bike. That’s why Nireeka can be called as a featherlight bike.


iOS or Android App

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You can use this bike with iOS or Android App. Nireeka is designed with an awesome compatibility with iOs and also Android-based devices. Your mobile phone will connect to the bike directly via Bluetooth once you approach it.


Mobile Phone Holder

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You don’t need to buy another mobile phone holder. Nireeka has been completed with a mobile phone holder on its handlebar. It allows you to navigate roads and ways to your destination without any difficulties at all.


USB Charger

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The built-in USB charger allows you to keep your mobile devices charged up in every ride. You just need to put your mobile device on the holder and connect it to the battery with the built-in USB charger. It is very easy.



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Nireeka has a full suspension with X-Fusion. The X-Fusion has a simple concept of high quality on a bike. The metal suspension systems will provide you a higher level of bike durability and performance. You can enjoy a smooth riding with this bike.


Hydraulic Disk Brake

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The hydraulic disk brake will give you no compromises on the safety. Nireeka has rear and front of Shimano hydraulic disk brake. This brake is available on The Homie model only. The other models are used Shimano cable disk brake.


Unlimited Colors

Nireeka 1

Nireeka is available in 4 different main colors for you to choose. If you even don’t like those available 4 colors, you can choose any color as you wish which is possible for the designer. If you have any custom vinyl, just upload and they will print it on the bike frame.


Heartbeat Assist

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This bike has a heartbeat assist mode and 3 pedal assist levels. You can also check assist percentage according to your heart rate using the app. The app will receive the heartbeat data right from your own smartwatch.


 Powerful Lights

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Nireeka has powerful lights with CUBE Light Set PRO 25. These awesome and special lights are designed with an auto-light system. You will be able to see roads at night with these lights. The electricity of the lights is supported by the battery.



Nireeka 7

One of the most important things from Nireeka is the battery. The battery type is an LG battery with USB charger and also charging indicator. The battery power is about 36 volts 10.8 Ah with 4.4 lbs in weight.



Nireeka 10

Here are some accessories that you can use for Nireeka. You can add a rear mudguard, water bottle holder for your drink, front mudguard, and also chain guard. Those accessories has been prepared well whenever you need them.

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