EasyCut 12: The Best Cordless NanoBlade Saw from Bosch

EasyCut 12 5

EasyCut 12 from Bosh is a cordless nanoblade saw for you who love to make something about your home and your garden. You will have easy freehand cuts in your own home and your garden with the best technology ever. With EasyCut 12, you will not only have the best tool for your work but also an easy way to save your energy and time well.


EasyCut 12 5

EasyCut 12 is designed with NanoBlade technology. This technology will give you vibration-free freehand cuts. You will work easily without clamping the workpiece ever. Your home and your garden can be better as a living space if you have this product.


Compact Design

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Bosch offers a compact design with EasyCut 12. It means that this product is very easy to be used and easy to handle. You can handle many things with this saw, even when you work both outside and also inside the home.


Quick and Straight

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EasyCut 12 will give you a quick and straight result of cuts. You will not get any difficulties when you use this saw. The straight and quick result will be perfect for you who love to have your own home furniture with your own hand creation.



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EasyCut 12 comes with 12,0 V of battery voltage, 2,5 Ah of battery capacity, 0 – 4.100 rpm of no-load speed, steel sole plate, and also a lightweight design with 0,9 kg only in machine weight. The battery is kind of changeable battery, so it is easy to change it.

EasyCut 12 actually comes with three types, Easy, Universal, and Expert. This one is the easy type, a perfect type for your easy work at home and garden. Once you have EasyCut 12 in your hand, you will get charger AL 1115 CV, storage loop, transparent saw blade protective cover, plastic case, 1 battery pack PBA 12V 2.5 Ah O-B, and also nanoBlade Wood Speed 65.


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