Mosquito Repellent Killer: Mosquito Trap Light for Your Bedroom

Mosquito Repellent Killer 9

This awesome mosquito trap light will make your sleeping feels better every night. The product comes with a UV LED light to kill the mosquitos, it is not harmful to your health. Mosquito Repellent Killer doesn’t contain any chemicals at all, a safe mosquito trap for children and animals.


Mosquito Repellent Killer 9

This mosquito killer is designed with 368nm ultraviolet airband and 360 circumferential luminescence. It works well to kill all mosquito types, not only house mosquitos in your bedroom but also malaria mosquitos and yellow fever mosquitos.



Mosquito Repellent Killer 8

This product is designed by Baseus with 120 x 120 x 220 mm in size. It is available in white color with 5V/500mA input. USB mosquito repellent lamp is made from ABS+PC+leacth with 368nm of its violet band and 460g of weight.



Mosquito Repellent Killer 7

USB mosquito repellent lamp from Baseus has a simple design, including its button-mounted structure. You can use it in any environment based on your need to kill the mosquitos. You can put it on the floor or table, or hang it on the wall.


Easy to Clean

Mosquito Repellent Killer 6

The box accessories of this product are made from a friendly material. It means that the accessories can be cleaned easily with water. And for the main products, you just need to wipe it clean with a wet cloth only.



Mosquito Repellent Killer 5

You don’t need to worry about your health and your baby when you use this product. It has the best safety ever for everyone in the house. The light technology makes it safe for babies, old people, and also pregnant women.



Mosquito Repellent Killer 4

Mosquito Repellent Killer 3

The mosquito repellent lamps are not only perfect for the bedroom in your home. This product is also perfect to be used when you are camping. You will have a good camping time by enjoying the nature around you without getting any mosquito bites.



Mosquito Repellent Killer 2

This mosquito trap is designed with 7 leaf vortex. The two suction vents work together with the high-speed rotation to trap all mosquitos. The mosquitos around you will not be able to run away easily from this product.



Mosquito Repellent Killer 1

It is a USB mosquito repellent lamp that can be connected easily. You can connect it with a power bank, AC adapter, phone chargers, USB sockets, other USB devices, or use your own PC. It is not only effective but also easy to use.

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