Terra: An Affordable Early Earthquake Warning System for Your Home

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Another cool educational project from manuel hess, it is called Terra. Terras is an affordable early earthquake warning system that you can use for your home. This project is about a sound design that can warn the people about the earthquake that will come. Terra also provides you with reassurance, guidance, and information.

How Does It Work?

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There are two waves which are generated by the earthquakes, a primary wave, and the secondary wave. This product detects the primary wave that can be the first indicator. It allows the people to have an early warning of it.



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Terra has two opposite modes, the light, and sound design. The calming sound will be heard when the non-destructive earthquake comes. It will change into a strong sound and a red light when the destructive earthquake potentially comes. It is designed with a dual speaker setup for the best alarm sound.



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The AA batteries allow Terra to have its own power source when the power of your home is off because of the earthquake. It also can receive more warnings via radio signals when your telephone and internet networks are overloaded.



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Terra is designed only with three simple injection model parts, the things that make this device is affordable for all. The inner parts of this device are reduced as minimum as possible, making it has an effective use just as it costs.



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Terra has an instructive packaging, informing you about the device and also the earthquake awareness. You will get more information about how to use this device, how it works, and what kind of things that you should do after the device warns you.

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