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A couple of years ago, the people from Keyport release their wonderful key organize, which was a hit immediately, and now, they’re back with another item: The Anywhere Tools.

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The Anywhere Tools is a noteworthy expansion to Keyport’s modular framework by presenting a progression of new tech and apparatus modules alongside another approach to convey them.

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The Anywhere Tools are a piece of a framework planned upon the principals of comfort, utility, and style. The company was eager to change your regular convey from a cumbersome, strangely molded, boisterous array of things you generally pull around with you to a completely redid set of apparatuses and tech that go with you on the majority of your experiences without acting as a burden.

Anywhere Pocket Clip™

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The Anywhere Pocket Clip utilizes a similar front-line measured connection highlight as the Keyport Pivot and Slide 3.0. The interesting no-latch configuration enables you to connect and separate modules in a strict snap.

MOCA™ II Module

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The MOCA II is a mid-module, so you can stack different modules or Side Plates over the scale for additional solace and personalization.


NEBA Knife™ Module

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The NEBA Knife proceeds with a sharp, beefier folding knife that will work well for you after all other options have been exhausted. The slip-joint blade includes a 2″ cut point sharp edge and an enhanced spring component with a half stop and thumb for additional holding grip experience.


Pocket Flare™ Module

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The Pocket Flare is coming with 27 lumens and highlights the lamp mode, a lamp style light around the whole base of the module to cast a more extensive light than that of the front shaft.


WeeLINK™ Charger Cable Module

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The WeeLink Charger Cable Module is accessible in USB to Micro USB, USB to Lightning, and USB to USB-C, WeeLINK charger links are effectively available to keep the greater part of your most vital gadgets charged up.



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The ParaPull is a short paracord zipper pull style cord that makes it simple to haul your Pocket Clip out when you have to take it on.


RuSH Multi-Purpose Tool

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The RuSH Tool serves as a suspension clasp and highlights itself as a container opener and flathead screwdriver to fix/release the Pivot screw.


The Ultimate Tools for Geeks

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The system developed by Keyport is the most exceptional EDC arrangement accessible on account of its stand-out seclusion, its wide scope of customization options, and its wide assortment of conveying alternatives. You can get Anywhere Tools by being the supporter on their Kickstarter site by pledging $18 for the super early bird option.

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