Nautilus: Cordless Screwdriver for Underwater Tasks

Nautilus Screwdriver 5

If we want to be honest, we scarcely observe any noteworthy overhauls made for tolls. However, specialists in this field would like to convey a conservative power penetrate that is worked to deal with the extraordinary condition it’s expected for, which includes a ton of water pressure and alternating use of power tools on dry and wet.

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Amid penetrating and screwing on the submerged condition, numerous variables that point of confinement the work assumes an expansive point and an answer was looked for that additionally enables novices to do easier work in aquariums, trenches, storages and waterfront waters. The Nautilus intends to evacuate a portion of the confinements and difficulties forced by underwater tasks.


New Technology

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Traditional power instruments for submerged conditions frequently depend on compacted air to work however Nautilus proceeded to advance ahead with its innovation. The innovative plan works twofold; it draws water from the front to pull the residue and in addition, the particles will wave away to give you an unhampered view and it also cools the engine.


Striking Colors – Black and Yellow is Solid Combination

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The power drill arrives in a black and yellow shading that keeps its shape and color obvious underwater plus it also gives it a striking appearance. The apparatus is designed to be anything but difficult to-utilize and handle most residential workloads that take on water into the blend.


Battery Powered – Yes It’s Cordless

Nautilus Screwdriver 3

Since conventional compressed air tubes restrict movement, Nautilus relies on battery power: specifically, standard AA batteries, with small induction coils used to transfer the power than thus prevent any potential rusting of open contacts with water.

Nautilus Screwdriver 1

The rest of the body volume is utilized as a weight vessel. While charging the drill, compacted air is provided again by means of a valve. At the point when associated with the cordless screwdriver, this is discharged into the inward cover and subsequently guarantees the ideal weight conditions in the gadget.


No Production Date

Nautilus Screwdriver 5

Created by Designers Alexander Kaula and Andreas Schmidt for the technical design class under the guidance of Prof. Tom Philipps, Nautilus is still on the frame of product concept with no production date set yet.

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