Heimplanet Transit Line: Your Everyday Travel Bags

Heimplanet Transit Line 9

Traveling become more and more mainstream with millennials, and for that sake, the marketer and production line is also getting on the hype train by trying to provide the best package of traveling bags that will suit every occasion and need. One of the startups that try to dip their toes on the market is Heimplanet.

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The small team on Heimplanet introduces three bags that they call The Transit Line which will accompany your every occasion by providing the best size for the special occasion. There are three bags of different size and function “duh”  which according to the company is the answer “for problems that are not solved properly”

Heimplanet also emphasizes the concept of Travel, Work, and Play in creating these bags that will be translated into the functionality, durability, and sustainability of the bags.

Travel Pack

Heimplanet Transit Line 9

The travel pack is the ideal friend for a multi-sunrise from everyday life, a blended of days on work and play on the weekend. The bag can be opened totally when setting down the level because of its clamshell opening. That is the perfect method to pack your things pleasantly without stuffing it in. The committed expansive front compartment is the ideal place for all your cumbersome stuff.

Heimplanet Transit Line 7

The division in the back isn’t just home of the suspended PC compartment, it additionally offers a few little and bigger stretch pockets and also a second downy lined compartment for your iPad or magazines and so on.

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The harness system of the travel pack is made of dual density EVA foam and all next-to-skin areas are covered by a smooth Cordura polyester stretch fabric that’s durable, yet also soft to the touch and won’t ruin the clothing.


Rolltop Messenger Bag

Heimplanet Transit Line 6

The Roll Top Messenger Bag is a half and half of an unobtrusive work folder case and a cutting-edge technologically bag. It accompanies a movable, removable and tradable messenger tie which offers everything from a tight fit to a more easygoing one.

Heimplanet Transit Line 4

Over the main compartment, you’ll locate another littler pocket offering adequate association to have your basics in close reach. Within the move top compartment is moderate, giving space to bigger things yet in addition still offering space with two level pockets and a flexible webbing to keep your water bottle from flying around when you move.

Heimplanet Transit Line 5

One advantage of the roll top closure is the weather resistance it offers but it also brings the right adjustability to make the Messenger Bag always look perfectly packed. The aluminum G-hook is straightforward in its appearance yet super simple to work and still leaves additional space to put your raincoat.


Sling Pocket

Heimplanet Transit Line 3

Highlighting indistinguishable materials from its greater siblings the sling pocket is close by throughout the day – keeping your hands free. The fundamental compartment offers a lot of inward space to keep it from turning into a botched up.

Heimplanet Transit Line 1



The back panel s strengthened with a layer of EVA froth including mark knitted example to bind the smooth stretch texture that spreads it. The tie is flexible and compatible through a similar custom aluminum.


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