Insta Ring: Your Camera. Reimagined.

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Ever imagined having a ring with a camera like what you seldom see on spy movies? Or are you getting trouble in having to carry an action camera everywhere? Then Insta Ring could be the right answer for you.

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Although bearing the name Insta Ring, this ring has nothing to do with Instagram or the company Insta360. This ring is equipped with a 12 MP camera that is claimed to be able to record videos with 4K quality. The shape is rather large, but the features offered by this ring should be tested further.

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Insta Ring comes with an aluminum wrap that is usually used for aircraft. Not only that, the 12 MP camera uses scratch-resistant Saphire glass. This ring is also fairly tough. The reason is, users can use it to dive to a depth of 50 meters, even in salt water. Another feature offered is its resistance to impact.

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There will be a small button on the side of Insta Ring. This button will function as a camera shutter. Later, the users have to download a special application so they can share data from Insta Ring to their smartphone.

Armed with a Bluetooth connection, the Insta Ring users can take advantage of this smart ring like an action camera in general.

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Interestingly, Insta Ring is also equipped with the “Beep” feature. When a user loses access to Insta Ring, this ring will emit a sound if it has been triggered through an application on the smartphone. Fortunately, this ring is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems.

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Insta Ring is planned to be marketed later this year at a retail price of $ 149. Or you could go to their Kickstarter page and pledge $ 88 for the single pack. It’s still a big if but this ring has the potential to be the toughest rival of action cameras that exist today.


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