Samsung Galaxy Buds: They’re not just great for listening, they’re amazing for being heard too

Samsung Galaxy Buds 8

Recently, Samsung released the Galaxy S10 series which is equipped with a number of the latest and sophisticated features at the moment. In addition to the Galaxy S10 premium class smartphone series, Samsung also released another classy device as its support, which is Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 6

Simply put, these are tiny and practical earbuds or cordless earphones. Even though it’s tiny, don’t doubt the sound of this Galaxy Buds. Moreover, its features are also sophisticated and integrated with the Galaxy ecosystem.

To support the experience of enjoying content with premium sound quality and comfortable design for the next generation, Samsung presents wearables, Galaxy Buds.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 8

In order to give more convenience to its users, Samsung crafted the wireless earbuds that are created for those who want to enjoy music with clearer sound quality because it is equipped with AKG Sound.

With a comfortable design and very easy use, this device perfectly supports the daily lifestyle of the next generation who want unlimited connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 7

Quick Ambient Sound technology can help Galaxy Buds users to adjust the volume so they can still hear the sounds around them with just one tap when the Galaxy Buds are attached to the ear.

As a result, the users can remain aware of environmental conditions, even when they are making phone calls, or listening to favorite songs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 5

Galaxy Buds is also equipped with Adaptive Dual Microphone (Inner and Outer Mic). This feature helps the user to be able to listen to or speak in a clear voice even in noisy conditions.

With a compact and ergonomic design, Galaxy Buds are created for all types of ears so it is very comfortable to wear for a full day. For the next generations who like simplicity, Galaxy Buds are very easy to carry anywhere because it is equipped with a simple casing that is easily inserted in a pocket of clothing.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3

Galaxy Buds can accompany the users throughout the day, with Bluetooth usage for up to nine hours. If used to call, Galaxy Buds can last up to six hours in 1 time charging.

Uniquely, Galaxy Buds can be used for 1.7 hours, with only 15 minutes of fast charging. Charging up to full, can increase music playback time by up to 13 hours and talk time by 11 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

With all these capabilities, Samsung Galaxy Buds are fairly easy to use. Simply by opening the casing near the smartphone, a pop-up notification to connect the device will appear automatically.

No need to worry when traveling and in a hurry, because the users can charge the Galaxy Buds battery quickly just by using Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10, namely with wireless charging and device-to-device power sharing.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 1

Simply take the Galaxy Buds closer to the Galaxy S10 and activate the power share feature, then the device will automatically be recharged. The travel moment is more compact, without the need to carry many charging devices.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 4

Galaxy Buds is also integrated with the Bixby application available on other Galaxy devices, so the users can activate intelligent assistants quickly without having to hold a smartphone. Only using voice, users can make calls, send messages or view their Galaxy Buds battery status. The Samsung Galaxy Buds’ retails price is $129.

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