Samsung AKG Wireless Headphones: The Signature Headphone with Dynamic Sound Experience

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One of the attributes sought from headphones or earphones nowadays is its ability to block outside noise, both passively and actively. This priority sometimes makes us forget that outside voices can actually help keep us from getting hurt.

Samsung Akg Wireless Headphones 6

That is why many headphones manufacturers have adopted adaptive noise canceling technology. One of them is Samsung AKG, and their efforts can already be enjoyed by consumers through the newest wireless headphones, AKG N700NC.


Superior Noise Canceling Technology

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Its superior feature is adaptive noise canceling; with one click of a button, the user can adjust how intense the sound blocking performance is, or in other words how much outside noise is allowed to pass through their ear.

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Apart from helping to avoid us from distress, this feature also makes it very easy if the user is suddenly invited to talk by someone; clicking a button is clearly more practical than having to take off headphones, especially for over-ear headphones that are quite large like this.


20 Hours 

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Capable to stay up to 20 hours of use, AKG N700NC Wireless Audio will take you to the way to enjoy the music as much as you like comfortably and stylishly. AKG N700NC Wireless Audio uses Bluetooth V4.2 so that it can connect with other devices quickly.

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AKG N700NC Wireless Audio has been through various types of trials. So that it can provide a soft and multidimensional sound, rather than excessive bass sound. Plus, Samsung has put on a special sound developer team for AKG development.


Premium Product – Reasonable Price

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In the United States, Samsung via Harman which is the parent company of AKG has marketed the AKG N700NC for the price of $ 350.  The purchase package includes 1 AKG N700NC Wireless Audio, casing, flight adapter, and USB cable.

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