Beoplay H9i: The All Innovative Product from Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound

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It’s been a long time since Bang & Olufsen last launched Bluetooth headphones. Last September, they finally enlivened the trend of truly wireless headphones. However, B & O certainly hasn’t forgotten the premium headphone segment with wireless connectivity. In fact, they released two Bluetooth headphones at the same time during CES 2018.

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But this time we will focus our discussion on Beoplay H9i which is a successor of Beoplay H9 type over-ear headphones. Although at first glance its appearance has not changed, B & O has actually implemented a number of updates whose effects are quite significant.


Get Closer

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H9i is the most luxurious headphones produced by Beoplay equipped with a 770 mAh capacity battery. These headphones are available in 4 color variants, namely terracotta, limestone, natural, and black.

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The H9i Beoplay has dimensions of 195 x 200 x 52mm and a frequency of 20-22,000 Hz. Its weight is also quite light, no more than 295 grams. Besides being able to be used wirelessly, the Beoplay H9i also has a 3.5 mm jack and 1.25 m USB-A to USB-C cable.


Active Noise Canceling Headphone

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Just like before, active noise canceling remains the main dish for H9i and H8i, but B & O claims that its performance will now be more effective in blocking the chatter of people around users. When needed, users can stop the music directly and turn off noise canceling with just one gesture

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No less interesting is the feature called Proximity Mode. Thanks to this feature, the music will automatically be stopped when the user releases headphones from their head, and vice versa. With all the improvement embedded inside Beoplay H9i, the price of  499 is quite a bargain.

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B & O decided to slightly shrink the size of the ear pads, and added a bass port to improve the sound quality, especially in low frequencies. The durability of the battery is also enhanced, now it can last for 18 hours of use.

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